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Martial Arts School "Black Panther"

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Triratna Martial Arts School Black Panther
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The program includes:

  • Kung Fu
  • Thai boxing
  • Physical strengthening of the body, general physical trainingа
  • Gymnastics, acrobatics, breathing exercises
  • Basics of martial arts and self-defense


The learning process includes work on exercise equipment, work in pair, sparring. Also it consists of games of skills, contests with prizes, taking tests and subsequent certification, demonstrations, master classes, open classes, workshops, tea ceremonies, workshops, viewing of documentary films, participation in festivals, parades and many more.

During summer children have an opportunity to revitalize in the School summer camp.

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During training a child acquires such qualities as:


  • Endurance, agility, flexibility, strength and health improvement;
  • Leadership, respect for elders, discipline, patience, perseverance, dedication and hard work;
  • Understanding of healthy lifestyle. Introduction to morality and human values;
  • Confidence and preparedness to self-defense;
  • Patriotism, respect for parents and peers, communication skills, ability to conduct themselves in community and society.


The basic requirement for entry into the school is a desire to train. Children are enrolled without any restrictions. There are special programs and techniques for children with disabilities, orphans, the disadvantaged, children who need a lot of attention. Individual approach to every child immediately reveals child’s talents.

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