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Triratna Martial Arts School Black Panther
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"TRIRATNA" Organization

The "TRIRATNA" organization is based within the Kung Fu School "Black Panther" and is led by Yuri Serkhovets, its president, master and preacher. It consists of branches located in Kyiv, Kyiv region and all over Ukraine. Classes are conducted by experienced and qualified instructors. Professional, thoughtful and personal approach allows to educate a physically strong and mentally stable person, get rid of bad habits, cleanse the body, and learn the basics of martial arts.


Objectives of the "TRIRATNA" organization:

  • Physical and moral education of an individual using the martial arts techniques.
  • Promotion and development of martial arts.
  • Promotion of healthy lifestyle.
  • Patriotic education of children and youth.


Tasks of the "TRIRATNA" organization

  • Provide comprehensive trainings in martial arts within educational institutions, sports clubs, arts classrooms, paramilitary centers, and summer camps.
  • Conduct demonstrations, competitions, tournaments, lectures, and seminars.
  • Take an active part in social assistance to orphans, half-orphans, people who find themselves in difficult circumstances.
  • Ensure integrity of teaching, training, and development of healthy generations.
  • Realize the function of physical and cultural education of children and youth.

The "TRIRATNA" organization cooperates closely with the Military Forces of Ukraine, city administrations and regional local authorities, as well as realizes the state program of patriotic education and physical training of the preinduction youth. Together with social services it is also involved in health improvement and upbringing of children and teenagers. With the support of the Department of youth, family and sports, "TRIRATNA" conducts trainings on physical, spiritual, and patriotic development.



  • Thai boxing. Ancient Temple style.
  • Kung Fu. Styles: the Black Cat, the Black Panther.
  • Self-defense and hand-to-hand fight.
  • Military fighting system. Trainings for the special units of the Military Forces of Ukraine. Basic military training.
  • Course "The Healthy spine".
  • Body cleansing, respiratory cleansing complexes, gymnastics and acrobatics.
  • Tai chi, Taijiquan, Bagua, yoga, and energy accumulation techniques.
  • Work with weapon.
  • General fighting with multiple opponents, disarmament, tactics, land navigation, moral stability in extreme situations.
  • Training and educational techniques for violent adolescents, special education and health improvement for children, leisure activities and engagement of children in physical education and sports.

"TRIRATNA" organizes sport and gaming camps, sport contests and tournaments, workshops, open classes, the days of "strength, health and martial spirit". There are groups for children, teenagers, and adults including women’s groups. Trainings are open for everyone with no restrictions on age or training level. The groups are divided into general (primary), specialized, senior, and individual.

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