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Martial Arts School "Black Panther"

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Triratna Martial Arts School Black Panther
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Thai boxing (Muay Thai)

The ancient temple style of Thai boxing is practiced in the "Black Panther" school.

In the "Black Panther" Thai boxing is:

  • Heavy punching style;
  • Endurance of beating parts;
  • Physically strong and solid body;
  • Effective elbow, knees, fists and feet strikes;
  • Fighting attack, connecting moves, counter-attack;
  • Working out on simulators and implements;
  • Acrobatics.
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Thai boxing is a sport combat, which is extremely close to a real fight. Muay Thai training includes various complexes of general strengthening exercises, which allow preparing of a fighter in a very short time: to strengthen the body, raise the spirit, and master the basic technical elements. After having learnt the basic technical elements (kicking, fists, elbows and knees punching, attacks, hold, throws, blocks, movement) students proceed to sparring. Thai boxing develops strength, speed, endurance and stamina; it also contributes to development and strengthening of muscles, joints and tendons. Great attention is paid to stretching, flexibility, workout on makiwara, with focus mitts and punching balls. Also trainings focus on building of moral and strong-willed qualities, such as tenacity, perseverance, courage, discipline, resolution, and initiative.

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